Sunday, April 11, 2010

Social Media Slaves?

Is social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Myspace really to reconnect with those you have lost contact with or old friends that moved away? Sure it is. That's the purpose given to the craze that has swept this generation of people.

But what is the real purpose? People post what they are doing in their everyday life, what types of activities they are in involved in, what they like or dislike, how they feel about certain issues and any other countless things people waste their time doing. But who is this information really valuable to? Who does it really serve?

Social media is influenced everywhere you turn. Social media is just a way for those that run this world and the United States to keep a better eye on you. That's right its the modern Big Brother in the sky always watching you. People have made it easy for authority figures to keep tabs on them all the time. This information is invaluable to advertisers, big government and creating a system of control under the guise of interacting with a wide range of people. Its the perfect kind of thinking that allows those in power to effectively gain more power.

People have been led astray once again with these devices. It has become increasingly easy to lead this pack of sheep to a destination they have not chosen. Social media is fun for users but immensely valuable to the power structure in society.

Is it dubious, doubt the assumption. It's an online Census report. If employers will research your status then why wouldn't government use to its advantage?


  1. As insanely on point as this is, I must admit I am a Facebook Sheep. lol. I love to connect with people, and I feel it has been good for my business. But every now and then I feel so EXPOSED and I think about shutting the page down...

  2. very true and i have often had numerous conversations about the exact same thing with a friend. I guess i am too a 'facebook sheep'.

  3. I agree with you completely. Last year, I deleted my facebook and myspace account. It was so intrusive--such a false perception of connection. My life feels much fuller and far less contrived.