Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Sheep of Democracy

Politicians play pundents for their puppet masters

Slowly leading the sheep to disaster

Borderless nations coming soon after NAFTA

MTV generation been stripped of their bravery

They soak in the ambiance of psychological slavery

Been led astray by the propaganda that surrounds them

Voiceless generation they have successfully drowned them

Out to the truth that lurks around the corner

White crooks play on Wall St while minorities occupy the corner

Physical war fought over seas spiritual war fought at home

In the third world they battle disease

Corporate owned agenda setters put the sheeple at ease

While the wolves in sheep's skin murder, steel and deceive

Government bill passed to take away our freedom

Wars funded on both sides so dead presidents can stack the pockets of those alive

In hopes that our critical thought and spirits will die

Looking to the future the vision is bleak

Evil shepherd taking minds and souls to lead the sheep

Open your eyes wake up and unsleep

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