Sunday, April 25, 2010

Life favors the bold

We all are social creatures but not out of habit or a desire to connect with our peers, but merely out of fear.

Fear is the worst emotion to be afflicted with, yet we all have it. We want to be liked and accepted but for what? No matter how hard your efforts are to be liked not everyone will like you. No matter how hard you try to be accepted or fit in with your peers, they won't all like you. So I say fuck it. Who cares if people like you? Don't try to be accepted, don't try to be a part of a group. It is only fear driving that desire and the sooner you rid yourself of that fear, the sooner you will garner a new sense of power and freedom.

Life favors the bold fearless individual that stands out and is different. Not a built up or created image but a person that is truly an individual. We strive to be a part of something so much sometimes it limits the one thing that makes us unique or different. We run away from ourselves but we only lose acceptance that way. The irony is overflowing.

It takes a fearless individual to not only be different and behave in the manner that is uniquely themselves, but also to highlight their differences and exude unconventionality. No one likes a puppet. Boldness must be crafted and individuality is already there, it is up to you to find it and let it out.

Erase the fear and craft the fearlessness of individuality.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Colon cleansing

Interactions with various people from various backgrounds have led me to one conclusion.

People are like a colon. First they are full of shit and then they are just assholes.

Join the circus

People are like trained circus elephants.

From a very early age the circus elephant is extremely strong, however, it is trained to be obedient submissive and stay in its place. This dominant animal is connected by a rope to a large single pole in the ground. If it used its full potential it could easily be free of the restrictions of the pole and leave.

The elephant never does because even after it grows much larger and gets much stronger it has been trained or brainwashed to become so dependent on the pole that it fails to realize it can be free in an instant. It has the strength and ability to change its circumstances, but it has become docile and accepted its fate.

In the same way people are tamed this way. However, humans are tied to an idea or a perception that they cannot escape, although they are more than capable. Humans are not only equipped with strength of body but also with mind. Yet they continue to clutch closely to an abstract idea of being normal or conformity in order to be a part of the circus.

No one has realized their potential or strength for change. This is a generation circus animals conforming to an idea in order to be an attraction at the show, nothing more nothing less.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Call me crazy

Crazy is a word that is thrown around all too often to describe things, people or situations outside our realm of understanding.

However, crazy is a dismissive term. It marginalizes people and experiences that could be worthwhile. Just because a person or group of people can't grasp something does not mean it is crazy. It is said that intelligence is near insanity and it has to be. If you raise your level of consciousness or understanding or your environment, those that are not in the know will call you crazy. And I say call me crazy, call me abstract because no one knows what normal is but yet they all strive to become it.

Many people said Edison was crazy, many people said Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X were crazy, many said Aristotle, Plato or any great thinker in society was crazy. That is only because their train of thought was limited by the social constructs of their time. They were not enlightened.

Calling something or someone crazy only dismisses a better level of understanding.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Rabbit Hole

I'm in the rabbit hole deep in the ground

On the surface I do not surround

Myself with the cattle and the sheep

Where I dwell I don't often sleep

The surface is for those in a stream of limited consciousness

They eat from the grass of the dominant

They soak in the unnatural air of slavery

I stand alone in the hole with undying bravery

On the surface the cattle are shielded from the truth

They willingly place their necks in the noose

The strangle hold of society grips so tight

The cattle are unaware of their plight

In the hole my awareness is keen

On the surface they watch but much goes unseen

I come out to watch them graze

Stuck on the surface mind in a haze

In the rabbit hole distant from the masses

I watch the minds of the cattle burn to ashes

Deep in the rabbit hole


I am Jason's hunger.

Buried in the pit and sounding an alarm. Rumbling with purpose but a purpose unable to be seen, yet unyielding in function. I am ignored, why? I am ravaging and immense in mind and body. I am disrupting the natural order. I am alive inside of the living and breathing. I am voiceless yet heard and understood. I am giving decisive advice. I am never misunderstood a trait almost none can attest to. I am a feeling and a sensation, a call to move, to release, to maintain.

I am determined and yet incapable of achieving my own happiness. I am dependent and utterly unfulfilled. I am the presence of absence. I am a dual force. I am overwhelming with innuendo and suggestion. I am seductive. I am narcissistic. I am a dull roar. I am the crowd of consumption. I am the void.

I am Jason's hunger.

Social Media Slaves?

Is social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Myspace really to reconnect with those you have lost contact with or old friends that moved away? Sure it is. That's the purpose given to the craze that has swept this generation of people.

But what is the real purpose? People post what they are doing in their everyday life, what types of activities they are in involved in, what they like or dislike, how they feel about certain issues and any other countless things people waste their time doing. But who is this information really valuable to? Who does it really serve?

Social media is influenced everywhere you turn. Social media is just a way for those that run this world and the United States to keep a better eye on you. That's right its the modern Big Brother in the sky always watching you. People have made it easy for authority figures to keep tabs on them all the time. This information is invaluable to advertisers, big government and creating a system of control under the guise of interacting with a wide range of people. Its the perfect kind of thinking that allows those in power to effectively gain more power.

People have been led astray once again with these devices. It has become increasingly easy to lead this pack of sheep to a destination they have not chosen. Social media is fun for users but immensely valuable to the power structure in society.

Is it dubious, doubt the assumption. It's an online Census report. If employers will research your status then why wouldn't government use to its advantage?