Sunday, April 11, 2010


I am Jason's hunger.

Buried in the pit and sounding an alarm. Rumbling with purpose but a purpose unable to be seen, yet unyielding in function. I am ignored, why? I am ravaging and immense in mind and body. I am disrupting the natural order. I am alive inside of the living and breathing. I am voiceless yet heard and understood. I am giving decisive advice. I am never misunderstood a trait almost none can attest to. I am a feeling and a sensation, a call to move, to release, to maintain.

I am determined and yet incapable of achieving my own happiness. I am dependent and utterly unfulfilled. I am the presence of absence. I am a dual force. I am overwhelming with innuendo and suggestion. I am seductive. I am narcissistic. I am a dull roar. I am the crowd of consumption. I am the void.

I am Jason's hunger.

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