Monday, April 12, 2010

Call me crazy

Crazy is a word that is thrown around all too often to describe things, people or situations outside our realm of understanding.

However, crazy is a dismissive term. It marginalizes people and experiences that could be worthwhile. Just because a person or group of people can't grasp something does not mean it is crazy. It is said that intelligence is near insanity and it has to be. If you raise your level of consciousness or understanding or your environment, those that are not in the know will call you crazy. And I say call me crazy, call me abstract because no one knows what normal is but yet they all strive to become it.

Many people said Edison was crazy, many people said Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X were crazy, many said Aristotle, Plato or any great thinker in society was crazy. That is only because their train of thought was limited by the social constructs of their time. They were not enlightened.

Calling something or someone crazy only dismisses a better level of understanding.

1 comment:

  1. True--they denigrate and dismiss that which they do not understand. However, sanity connotes conventional thought--you never want to be conventional.