Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Join the circus

People are like trained circus elephants.

From a very early age the circus elephant is extremely strong, however, it is trained to be obedient submissive and stay in its place. This dominant animal is connected by a rope to a large single pole in the ground. If it used its full potential it could easily be free of the restrictions of the pole and leave.

The elephant never does because even after it grows much larger and gets much stronger it has been trained or brainwashed to become so dependent on the pole that it fails to realize it can be free in an instant. It has the strength and ability to change its circumstances, but it has become docile and accepted its fate.

In the same way people are tamed this way. However, humans are tied to an idea or a perception that they cannot escape, although they are more than capable. Humans are not only equipped with strength of body but also with mind. Yet they continue to clutch closely to an abstract idea of being normal or conformity in order to be a part of the circus.

No one has realized their potential or strength for change. This is a generation circus animals conforming to an idea in order to be an attraction at the show, nothing more nothing less.

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  1. Wow! I really like your comparison here. It has def given me something to think about. Normalcy and conformity are indeed illusory chains.